Solitaire Gloss Brochure

The text of the brochure is reproduced below.


Our Smooth Surface Points Ink Dots In The Right Direction.

Right At You.

That Makes For A Printed Gloss That Stands Alone.


Introducing Solitaire Gloss.

A #1 Coated Printing Paper From The People At Plainwell Paper Company.

Solitaire Gloss has an extremely smooth surface compared to other #1 coated papers. The result is sharper definition in four-color process, more uniform solids and tints, and a printed gloss that rivals that of much costlier papers.

On rougher sheets, ink dots land on the sides of countless microscopic hills and valleys. The result is dots that point every which way. So, images don’t achieve the shine and uniformity they do on Solitaire.

Solitaire’s smooth finish yields a high printed gloss because most every dot points at you, the viewer. And the paper’s excellent ink holdout assures that those dots stay on the surface and don’t lose their shape.

To see what we mean about high printed gloss, look at our varnish demonstration on the next spread. The varnish is almost redundant.

Solitaire Gloss: The Natural Choice When Visuals Dominate.

When visuals need to be big, bold and sharp, Solitaire Gloss is a natural choice. Metal shines. Jewelry glistens. Sharp edges are excellently defined. Your simple jobs become better-looking. Your prestige projects outstanding.

And Solitaire’s blue-white shade enhances its already high brightness to give your visuals extra snap.

All of this makes Solitaire Gloss ideal for high-quality brochures, premium catalogs and annual reports.

Easy To Get, Easy to Run.

We’ve gone to a lot of trouble to make Solitaire Gloss the kind of sheet that it is. But we don’t want you to have to go to any trouble to get it or to run it.

So, we stock it in sheets in a wide ranges of sizes in 70#, 80# and 100# book weights and in 60# and 80# cover weights. We also stock it in web rolls in 70# and 80# book weights. If your merchant doesn’t have what you need on the floor, chances are we’ll have it on ours back at the mill ready for delivery.

We’ve also made sure that Solitaire Gloss is a very runnable sheet, so that using it will be just as easy as getting it.

Sample Some Samples Yourself

Ask your merchant to bring you some unprinted Solitaire Gloss samples. Then, next time you run a job on another #1 gloss coated sheet, tail in some Solitaire. When the results are tabulated at the other end of the press, we think you’ll agree that Solitaire Gloss gives you more printed gloss for your money.