Skocelas Judicial Campaign – 2006

The Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct prohibits judicial candidates from taking positions on any issue that may come before the court. This means campaigns must focus on the qualifications and biographies of the candidates. The two most salient pieces of information about the candidate were that he was a sitting judge and that he had been a prosecutor for 25 years.

Rogers State Representative Campaign – 2008

This ad was designed to do two things: 1) Introduce the candidate to the voters and 2) make sure voters in this heavily gerrymandered district knew she was one of the candidates for state representative in their district.

Johnson County Clerk Campaign – 2012
Radio :60

I wrote this spot specifically for a news/talk radio station. It was designed to mimic the station’s news format so that the spot would sound like a story.


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Brochures and Direct Mail

Bonfiglio broch-mailerBonfiglio for Kalamazoo County Treasurer

This direct mailer was designed to reach absentee voters and double as a walking piece.

“Our needs are changing in Kalamazoo County, but our elected administrative offices in this county have remained virtually unchanged since the 19th century.”^^Read more text…

Rogers walking cardRogers for Kalamazoo County Commissioner

This was designed as a walking piece.

“I’ve lived in Kalamazoo County nearly all my life, and I’ve been helping to improve the health of its residents as a physical therapist for my entire career.”^^ Read more text…


Print Ads

Megargle adsMegargle for Circuit Court Judge (4 Ads)

“All too often these days we hear about criminals who have received lenient sentences while other offenders who commit similar crimes get harsher punishments.” ^^Read more text…