A New Breath: Help for Those With Chronic Lung Problems

The brochure text is reproduced below.

Increasing Your Independence

If you have a chronic lung ailment, you already know that many simple tasks that others take for granted are difficult for you. At Bronson, we’ve designed a program that can help you increase your energy and your independence.

Many people who complete A New Breath leave able to do things they once thought impossible: climb stairs, do household chores, and exercise regularly, to name a few. Of course, everybody’s situation is different. But, if your condition is holding you back from things you want to do, our program is one place to start reclaiming your independence.

What’s Involved

The program is a combination of education and light exercise. You’ll learn to:

  • Control your breathing to avoid a panic attack.
  • Know when something is serious enough to see your doctor.
  • Use your medications for maximum benefit.
  • Conserve energy for important activities.
  • Eat the right foods to improve your health.
  • Exercise safely to improve your endurance.
  • Use relaxation techniques to decrease your anxiety.

You will also have the opportunity to engage in supervised exercise that will help you reach the goals you set when you enter the program.

The program lasts six weeks with two sessions each week. The first weekly session lasts two hours. One and a half hours are devoted to education and half an hour is devoted to supervised exercise. The second weekly session involves one half hour of supervised exercise.

Personal Attention

We keep groups small for each education session, usually no more than eight to ten people. That way, you have plenty of opportunity to ask the questions you want and to get to know your instructor and the other members of your group.

Your exercise session is individually supervised to help you learn to exercise safely and effectively.

Getting In The Program

Your doctor is the only one who can refer you to this program. You should discuss the program with him or her. If the two of you decide that you can benefit from it, your doctor will let us know. Then, we will call you to make the necessary arrangements.

When we call you, we will arrange a time for you to be evaluated. Our pulmonary specialist will check your lung capacity, your ability to exercise safely, and information about any related conditions you may have. Your evaluation will take place at the Respiratory Care Department of Bronson Methodist Hospital in Kalamazoo.

Once you’ve been evaluated, we’ll send you a letter telling you when the classes and exercise sessions begin. They will be held at the Bronson Outpatient Rehabilitation Center located at Bronson Crosstown Center.

Maps to the hospital and the center are provided in this brochure for your convenience.

After You’re Done

When you’ve finished A New Breath, you and others who have completed the program can attend free follow-up meetings held periodically throughout the year. At these meetings, you’ll receive information on the latest developments in treating lung problems, and you’ll get a chance to ask questions.

Insurance Coverage

We will bill Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and all other health care plans for the costs of the program. Call us if you have any questions concerning coverage. We’ll be glad to answer them.

For More Information

If you would like more information about our program, ask your doctor or call us at (616) 341-6462. Ask for the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program Coordinator.